Boondockers Welcome is a great option for bus conversions.

"Unlike "RV Parks" with 10 year rules, rig age isn't an issue." - Dan Aldridge, BW host and guest

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We have many guests and hosts with bus conversions. Hear what they have to say -

"As a guest, the hosts are always excited and curious when they see a bus conversion pull in, prepare to show off your bus. As a host, I've had half a dozen bus conversions stay with me as guests. It's been great fun every time, comparing notes, systems, ideas, mutual friends (it's a smaller world than we think). Several of my former BDW "bus" guests have become good friends, we'll meet up at a rally or when our travels bring us close, keep in touch via Facebook or RVillage, etc." - Dan Aldridge

"We love BW especially in new places and urban areas where other camping options are limited. We stayed just outside of Hollywood, Ca with an awesome host who gave us great recommendations for dinner and helped us get a cab into downtown for a concert!"  - @Ceciliatheshortbus

"We haven’t had many issues finding a host with enough room to park. We have a bigger rig (35ft) and we tow our car. There has been a few times where I’ve found the perfect spot through the listings but the size of rig will be 20 ft max or less so unfortunately we couldn’t request to book. But with the hosts we’ve stayed at they all have been very accommodating space wise and have had plenty of room for us and our tow vehicle. Most of the listings I’ve noticed are for large rigs so there are many options anyways!" - @hanzian_bus

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